Saturday, February 1, 2014

Small Changes

The painters have been very busy this week. They still have a bit more to do though... We're really happy with the colours we chose for the walls, doors and trim.

Loving the colour of our front door
(Woodland Grey - matches the roof).
It's going to look great after the second coat!

Bath and spa delivered

In one of the kitchen cupboards.
Seems like someone has been having some drinks while on the job!

Gorgeous doors to our bedroom

So in love with our kitchen! They've plastered the bulkhead now.

Not sure what the developers are doing with the back part of the fence.

Downpipes have been installed

We will meet with the site supervisor Monday week to check the tiles before the tiler starts. The tiler doesn't want to start until we confirm that what is delivered is correct - good idea - guessing he's had problems before and would rather do the job once, than twice!  

During the next week the painting will be finished and the electrical points, switches and fittings will be installed. Our site supervisor says we could be in by the end of Feb. Wahoo!

Once we have the date, we'll be able to organise the floors. Better start working out what we're going to do about window coverings too.

Mark is drooling over sheds so we need to get cracking on getting some quotes as the shed needs to go in pretty quick.  

First thing on our list will be to dog proof the fence and put in a side fence. 
Second on the list is the shed. Concreting for the driveway will prob be done at the same time as the concrete for the shed.


  1. how did you manage to get the shaker style on the back of the island bench? is it on the side too? Was it a big deal for them to do or something that they offered?
    MJH would not allow us to do that, so ours will just be plain unfortunately :(
    I will add panelling afterwards if it's possible.

    1. Hi Joh, It wasn't something we expected to have on the back of the island bench as we forgot to request it. I was very excited when I saw that it was done anyway. I was thinking of getting some ceiling tin and putting that on the back, but I don't have to worry about that now. I wonder why they won't let you do it.

      The side panels of the overhead cupboards are done in the shaker style too, same with the side/end of the laundry bench. The kitchen island bench will have the caesar stone waterfall sides, so it's not on the sides. We were also expecting a textured finish on the doors, but they're smooth - bonus!

  2. all sounds great!!!
    I think MJH just don't like doing things different because it makes more work for them to look into. It's easier for them to just say straight up "we don't do that".

  3. loving your kitchen!
    Cant be too much longer for you guys now!
    we have one week til handover!! so you must only be few weeks behind us i reckon