Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mud and Blessings

Well we are in. So never, ever, ever, never want to move house again!!! I'll post some photos of the inside of the house once we're a bit more settled and unpacked - thank goodness it is school holidays now!

Yesterday we had our concreting done.

They came back yesterday and by mid morning the first concrete truck had arrived.

It started to drizzle just as they started the pour.

Looking at the radar it looked like most of the rain would go below Riddell...

By the time the second concrete truck arrived it was pretty constant light rain.

By the time they were doing the second lot of smoothing, the rain was pretty constant, not heavy, but enough to mess with the look of having smooth plain concrete.

I joked with them that spotty concrete would just have to become the new trend. They told me that in weather like this they can't smooth the concrete properly so they would have to do exposed aggregate. He had had a mix of pebbles put in just incase the weather turned sour. So we now have beautiful exposed aggregate instead of plain concrete. So very blessed.

Even though it is incredibly muddy now around our home, I'm not complaining, if it wasn't for the rain we'd just have plain concrete and a dry backyard, but thanks to the rain, we have lovely concrete and mud!