Monday, October 27, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Wow! I can't believe that we've been in our new home for 7 months! The time has certainly flown.

Our front garden is coming along - not that we've got lawn yet but the garden beds are looking good, just need a few more plants and they'll be done.

Still gotta get rid of that big lump of concrete on the nature strip - courtesy of the concreters...

We used some C grade railway sleepers to make our letterbox. Love it! And of course Mark just had to buy a chainsaw so he could cut down the sleepers ;-)

We've been busy building an aviary over the past few weeks. It was ready for birds yesterday so we bought two baby budgies. We'll buy some adult budgies soon so Cam can start breeding them.

A few cosmetic things left to go and it's all done.
At the moment the cockatiels are in a cage inside the aviary.
They'll have their own section in the aviary when Mark builds 'stage 2'.

Hiding amongst some of the timber we were using
for the aviary, we found this tiny little rabbit.
We moved him out to the reserve but he came back.
Hopefully our dog doesn't find him.

Our shed is almost up. We had the slab poured for it last week. The boys are loving having a basketball court and scooter rink.

We're still waiting for the NBN - meanwhile we have to use wireless internet which at times can be extremely slow, and no home phone yet either. We were told November, but now it seems like it'll be later than that. Grrrrrr #firstworldproblem