Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So close!

The fires came within 500m of our new home! So close.  So thankful to the CFA and the awesome work they did in our area. So many homes were spared thanks to them. Fires came within 2km of our school. The smoke will be with us for a few days.  The landscape is so black.

Looking North towards our home

Looking South towards the fire area

V-line train going along the Bendigo line. The fire jumped the train line. This is how close it was to our new home!
The timber in the foreground is our boundary fence and the black next to the tree is stones.

Riddell Road

Clean up begins on some properties on Riddell Road

Riddell Road

Riddell Road

Riddell Road

In other news, our current home is on the market now so we are living in a state of heightened tidiness! Hope and pray it sells quick. Got our first potential buyers coming through in the morning. Open house this Saturday too.

Oh no. More sirens going off - these fire bugs have to be caught!!!! :-(

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