Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Better and Better

Things keep getting better and better! I went past the house this morning to kill time while the buyers of our current home and the agent came through to do some measuring up. The render has been painted, fly screens have been installed, shower screens are in, heating duct has finally been put in in the laundry (and the ensuite and bathroom too I assume - since the house is all locked up I can't see into those rooms). The replacement spa had been sitting in the study last time we went past, (they had ordered the wrong one) but it wasn't there today, and it wasn't installed so I wonder what happened to it this time...

In love with our kitchen!

Shower screen is now installed

Other bits and pieces that we had made note of and mentioned to our new site supervisor have been fixed. Just waiting on the glass splashback to be installed then its finished - apart from the touch ups that need to be done to plaster and paint.

Rubbish cage and porta loo are now gone. Hope our builder's don't eat any of these gummy bears... (I haven't laughed as much as I did when reading those reviews of the 5lbs of gummy bears - read it if you need a laugh! OH MY!)

All the other tradesmen working in our house have taken great care with their work, but I can't quite say the same for the electricians. They haven't seemed to have taken too much pride in their work or taken care when installing the downlights and switches. There are several holes around switches and lights that the plasterers and painters will need to return to fix up the electricians shoddy job. If these electricians had come in to an existing house to put in downlights or switches, you certainly wouldn't recommend them to your friends when you'd have to call in plasterers to fix things up!

All in all, we've had a fabulous build thanks to a very talented and diligent site supervisor. Can't wait for PCI next week and hopefully moving in the following week! So excited!

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