Friday, January 31, 2014


Here's the short list of what we'd I'd like that is also realistically affordable.

Three to hang over the kitchen island bench

Dining table light fitting
(hubby wasn't keen on the orb light at Early Settler)

A little bit of special bling and prettiness for the mudroom

The rest of the light fittings are DIY batten fix
- much kinder on our bank account.

For the boy's rooms and rumpus

More bling and prettiness for the laundry, study, entry,
spare room (which will be the unofficial study) and ensuite. 

The rest of the light fittings: bathroom, toilet, pantry, etc.

This is also the kinder on our budget version and therefore
what we will be more likely to buy than the fitting above
for the laundry, study, spare room,  entry and ensuite.


  1. love the first light! where is that from? It will look so good over the kitchen bench!

    1. I know ;-) lol -

      I've linked the pic to where you can get the light fittings. They're called the "Viktor Small Pendant" and they're made by Mercator.