Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bricks and Bathrooms

Popped past the house tonight. Brick work is going well.  Spa and bath frames are now in, as well as the shower bases. Cavity door frames have been put in and one door delivered.  Very pleased with the job the brickies are doing.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Two days of brick work! We're very happy with the "brickmanship" (lol - is that a word??)

The bricks look really good with the window frame colour. It's good to see how the colours are coming together. We did good!

Bricks: Boral Rouge
Windows: White Birch
Roof, gutters and facia: Woodland Grey

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Clean House

Had a bit of a giggle over the sign stuck on the window next to our front door.

I don't think their cleaner does a great job!

And apparently we have a kitchen too...

And on another note, bricks were delivered today! All ready for Monday when the brickies turn up.

Mark (the Number Nerd) has calculated that there are about 9120 bricks.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rapt with the wrapping and the roof

We heard from our site supervisor today. He told us that the roof was going on today and that bricks will be delivered on Monday. Lock up should be the 6th of December. Wahoo! 

So of course I couldn't resist popping past to check out the roof. The house has been wrapped with the sarking and most of the roof is on. It looks sooooo good!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


LOL! Guttering is on and pipes - hot water, cold water and gas pipes are in.

Just not sure what is happening with the frame at the back of the garage. Our plans have a single door (we forgot to put in a window) but the door frame has not been put in and there's a window sitting in the garage along with the door frame - both of which would fit in the gap in the frame (btw - we have the frame invoice even though in our opinion it's not finished yet)

We emailed our BC to ask about the window - wondered if their plans were wrong, and if so, we are more than happy for them to put in the window. She stated that "Your house will be built as per the plans, any material on site is required for areas specified on the plans. We are unable to accommodate any structural changes at this stage of the construction process." so we are wondering where the heck that window will be going and why on earth was it delivered if it was "specified on the plans"?

So we are waiting to hear from our site supervisor to find out what is going on, and if they can just be done with and put the window in.

Big space for single door

Garage door is on the right side

Door frame leaning in the mud room

Small random orphan window

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Birthday

Next week I'll be turning 40, so to celebrate my last week of being in my 30s we went to Phillip Island for the weekend. We hired a holiday house and our family and friends came for a BBQ lunch on Sunday. After lunch we went to the beach, hired some wetsuits and surfboards and had some fun.

I am so pleased with how the party turned out and the way it looked. 

If you'd like the details on the decorations keep reading...

I created all of the chalkboard printable items (some of which are available at my little side business Mother Duck Said: "Let's Party!"). Mark did most of the baking (he really is a wonderful cook!)

Large Framed Signs - cheese, wine and dessert - I created these in Photoshop and they were printed at Officeworks and then we mounted them onto cardboard. We made frames out of balsa wood that we stained and cut to size then glued onto the board.

Picture Frames - were cheap white frames that I bought at the Reject Shop and spray painted silver.

Wine Charms - I bought the charms online and printed out the names and then glued them together with a glass thingie on the top.