Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Floor coverings - sorted

well almost... just gotta sort out how to get the bank to release some money so we can put down a deposit on the flooring. The bank want an invoice from the carpet people and the carpet people say that the banks usually are happy with a quote. UGH! So Mark is going back and forth between the two and hopefully we can pay the deposit soon.

We are getting our flooring done through Choices, one of the local carpet businesses. The quote they gave was less than the quote we got from Western Distributors (which we were quite surprised at!) with the same vinyl and same quality carpet and underlay, so we figured we'd go with the locals. Unfortunately they can't get the vinyl in till the end of March so we'll be vinyl-less till then. At least we will have the carpet done before we move in, the living areas won't have much that we'll need to move out to put the vinyl down.

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