Saturday, March 1, 2014

Almost finished

Our splashback is in - Wahoo!

Looks like all that needs to be done is the spa put in and the paint and plaster touch ups need to be done. Then we are all ready. PCI on Tuesday!

Splash back is in - love it!


more holes to patch up - silly duffer electricians being too rough when putting things in

One problem that we have noticed is that our wind out windows are not quite right...

The window is about 1/2cm wider across the middle than the top and the bottom. They still open and shut ok, but it can't be right for them to be out this much! In the photos you can see that the gap around the awning part of the window is much tighter across the centre than it is at the top and the bottom of the awning.

bottom of the window

middle of the window

Top of the window
So we've sent a message to our site supervisor and hopefully they'll be able to replace the windows - thankfully the frames are ok, its just the windows. There must have been some sort of glitch when they were being manufactured.

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  1. It's all looking so good! Not too long now, very exciting!