Thursday, January 16, 2014

We Have a Kitchen... sort of

With Melbourne experiencing a week of 40+ degrees each day, we didn't expect to see anything happening at the house. When we received an email today with the fixing invoice attached we realised the builders all were busy working this week. Way to go guys! So we had to go and check it out.

Hubby could hear me squealing from the other side of the house when I saw the kitchen cupboards through the dirty windows. The photos below don't do it any justice at all. I could have stayed looking through the windows for hours. It is so beautiful. It's just as I imagined - better really because it's now a reality!

Can just see the ensuite cupboard doors

Laundry - it's gorgeous!

Elvis' successor (Fire helicopter) flying back to Melbourne after fighting fires in Lancefield today.

The closest we can get to seeing our bathroom and ensuite cupboards...



  1. Hi Sandra, I've been following your blog for a little while now. We are also building a Porter Davis house, the Montague 19 in the Geelong area. I am loving you kitchen details and wondering if you can tell me if your cupboard style is called Shaker style or if it goes by another name? Also, do you have an upgraded doors on your wardrobes? We just had our colour appointment today, and I am now wishing I chose similar to yours. I need to use my next 48 hours wisely ? Thanks in advance Rennae

  2. Sorry, also what was the finish you choose on the cupboards? Thanks again, Rennae

    1. Hi Rannae,

      Thanks! LOL about second guessing your colour choices - I did too! We originally chose parchment for the colour - but I later changed it to polar white - so glad I did.

      Don't feel that you only have 48 hours to change your colour selection items - you can still change them much later (we changed ours around contract time - I think you just have to have it all finalised before your start date - but don't take my word on that), you just have to let your building coordinator know what you are changing (best do it via email so you have it in writing)

      On our contract it is written:
      "Provide standard Laminex = Colour: Laminex Polar White Profile: Shaker Textured Door Profile"

      But I can't say what it's like up close yet as the house is locked up and we can only peer through the dirty plastic covered windows. What we chose is the same as the sample on display at the showroom (if that's still the same sample as we had our colours selection back in March) You can visit the laminex showroom too where they have a larger display of doors and finishes.

      We didn't upgrade the wardrobe doors in the back three bedrooms, our added store room or the laundry. All other doors we upgraded.

      Do you have a blog? I'd love to follow your progress.

      All the best for your build. The Montague is a beautiful home.

  3. Thank you so much for your help. I sent off an email today with some changes, so I'll see how we go from here. I love white kitchens and bathrooms. Some how I got caught up in the display home style at our local and chose some of theses colours. As soon as I saw you cupboards I knew I had made a mistake. They look so good and I love the style, so classic. I'm all about classic. I no longer have a blog but I have been thinking of starting again. I'll let you know if I do. I'm on pintrest as Rennae and I'm on Instagram as Rennae12. I haven't put any house things on there as yet. I'm looking forward to seeing your home completed and love it so far. Thanks again ��

    1. LOL! I was the same. I went back to Hopetoun twice after our colour selection appointment. We quite liked the display home and our bathroom reflects the display home of the house that we chose. I didn't think of doing a white bathroom until much later, but we decided to leave the bathrooms with our original choice and changed the laundry to a white laundry, with a silver/grey bench. We will have a white subway tile splashback in the laundry. I'm glad I could help. You won't have any worries about changing your colours. When is your site start scheduled?

    2. Still a few months away, our land is due to settle in May! �� just trying to be organised.