Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is a boring title because I can't think of an interesting one...

We got to have a good look inside the house today. Loving our kitchen cupboards!

They've put up the lining boards on the gable and the infill over the garage.

And the fence has gone.

Neighbours two doors up have moved in (well we think they have b/c we can see a pink couch in their lounge room) but their rendering hasn't been done on their columns out the front yet... Guess that'll happen soon.

Back fence done. Side fence yet to be finished.
Loving our kitchen!

Shaker Style Door

Doors are being painted

Rumpus Room


  1. It all looks so good. Love the kitchen! Also loving your mudroom makeover. Hoping to try something like that in our garage. We had our contract appointment and it all went fairly smoothly. My husband coped well with my additional costs, partly because they had over quoted our site costs and the total was around what we were expecting :)

    1. Thanks Rennae! We love it all too! Glad your husband coped well with the additional costs! WIN!

      Now, don't think anymore about colours or tiles ;-) lol lol