Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mudroom - Part two

It's finished (apart from the floor)! And it looks soooooo good!

The baskets on the top shelf are from IKEA
The black hooks from Schots
The old wooden grape crates (that we'll put our shoes in) were bought on ebay a few years ago.

We created the plans with the help and inspiration of tutorials on Sawdust Girl's website.


  1. your mudroom looks great! have you been able to go in and put things in it already? thats pretty decent of PD :)

    1. Hi Suzy, Thanks. It's actually in our current home. But we will def be making something quite similar in our new house. It's been on the agenda to make for a number of years now - and as is the way, you get things done and finish things off to sell. I'm determined that we are not going to be like that in our new home. ;-) We considered it a trial run so we can make it better in our new home. Hopefully it will be a big selling feature!