Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I spent the day at the house today while the appliances were being installed. We also got a quote for the concrete. Carpet layers returned and put on the trims. The window technician came around to have a look at the windows that aren't right. He'll have to come back again when our supervisor is there with Mark so they can explain the problem better than I could.

plastic container letterbox - the latest in new build fashion!

Now to remove all those grubby plumber finger prints

First meal cooked in our new house! bahaha

We now have hot water! I think we need to make a screen to cover it up though...

Loving it! Just needs a good vacuum and mop now!

We've ordered roller blinds for the boys' bedrooms (the darker solid colour sample) and transition blinds (the stripy samples) for the living, dining, bathrooms and laundry. Transition blinds are a fairly new concept in window coverings (I sound like a sales person - LOL!), these ones are not block out, but will be great for privacy and filtering light. The darker brown will go in the theatre room with curtains. I bought the curtains for our bedroom, theatre, rumpus sliding door and family sliding door at Harris Scarfe. Rods are coming from Blinds Online (where we are getting the rollers and transitions from). Can't wait for the rods to arrive so we can get the curtains up.

We were originally planning on putting plantation shutters in, but decided that we'd do the cheaper option at the moment, we can upgrade later to the shutters when the budget allows. I'd rather have our patio concreted than have plantation shutters through the house.

Loving the vinyl. The plumbers all thought the floor was timber till I told them it was vinyl. I think they were impressed.

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