Thursday, July 2, 2015

For the birds

We now have a full aviary.  

Living in the bottom of the aviary we have four quail - three girls and a boy.

We bought two adult and several baby budgies. 
Cam successfully bred the two adults and we have two lovely new babies. 
They're extremely ugly when they've first hatched, but after only a few weeks their looks improve.

There's also quite a bit of wild life around here. 

We've had two owls that came visiting for a few weeks, they liked our street sign and lamp post. 
Being at night, it was too hard to get a decent pic. 
But we were able to get up quite close to them.

We've got a family of kookaburras that like to hang around.

We've even had some kangaroos jump through the paddock while we've been eating breaky.

There's the resident town geese that love to create traffic hold ups 
(our town's too small to call them traffic jams)

And then threes been some other not so nice living creatures that we've seen…

She died...

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