Thursday, July 2, 2015

Christmas in our new home

Christmas Eve saw my family come to share our first Christmas dinner in our new home.

Our old tree had died (ummmm - it was a fake one, but it died).
We considered buying a real tree this year, but saw some cool DIY Christmas trees on Pinterest so we headed bush (about 3kms away) and grabbed some *real* dead branches.

Oh the smells you can smell on sticks from the bush!

Not bad for an afternoon's work and a $6 steel bar.

I made up a faux fireplace. It's nice to have a focal point in our living room now. 
Even though there's no fire, the candles help provide a bit more of a cosy feel. And having Christmas in the middle of summer it makes sense not to have a fire raging in a fireplace at Christmas.
We hope to put in a wood heater eventually, but this will do for now. 
One day I might get around to boxing up the inside so it looks a bit better.

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