Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We went to the house tonight to see how they were going with the plastering. The plaster was delivered yesterday (we assume) and it was meant to be started today. Huge big amount of plaster!!!! Insulation is in all of the external walls and in bags up in the roof . Hopefully they'll get started on putting up the plaster tomorrow.

Our apricot tree is having the best season it's ever had. We decided to pick some of the apricots tonight as the birds were starting to eat them. This isn't even one quarter of what is on the tree! They're not quite ripe yet, but hopefully they will be by the weekend and we can get busy making apricot jam. 

Will definitely plant apricot trees in our new garden, but will have to patiently wait for a few years till we get another crop like this one!

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