Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meeting the Supervisor

We met with our building supervisor this morning. Seems like a nice guy. No-nonsense kind of guy who is particular about what tradies he uses. Great! Really happy with the work the brickies are doing. Today they're finishing off the window sills and the brick work around the front porch. Hopefully the rain held off over Riddell long enough for them to finish it, but it didn't look promising. They've taken a little longer than scheduled, but we don't mind especially if it means they've done a better job. The past two days have also been very hot - esp Monday so that would have slowed them down a bit. Next week the bricks will all be cleaned off.

Today the electricians were coming in. The ducts and heater have been installed (but they missed putting two of the three additional heating points in so they'll have to come back to do those). One of the rear taps wasn't put in so that will be chased up today too.

Plaster will be delivered on Monday and that will all be put up on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think the doors, skirtings and architrave's will be delivered second week of Jan and cabinets the week after that. Possibly looking like we might be finished one month earlier than our contract date states.

Once school finishes it'll be on here to get our house ready to go on the market in the new year.

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