Sunday, October 20, 2013

Screw Piles

We went up to the block yesterday, and they've put the fence around it as well as putting in the screw piles.

Screw piles have been put in due to the fill that they've put on the estate.  Basically they're big long steel screws that they screw down into the ground into the original ground level to anchor the slab to the ground.

Not sure when the developer is going to put in our right side fence. The real estate agent says that it wasn't done 'due to inclement weather' but they've done most of the fences in the estate - and we've had not many inclement days really. The only fences that haven't been done are the fences where there is a big slope (which there is at the back of our block) - we think that they don't know how they want to do the fence so it's in the too hard basket atm - once the builders fences have been taken away they need to get our fence up.

After we had spent time at our block we wandered around while eating ice-creams. Riddell really is a beautiful town.


  1. wow, what an adventurous place to live. the kids would love that!

    1. Thanks Joh, They're looking forward to exploring it. Being a small, quiet country town they'll have a bit more freedom to explore than they do where we live now.