Monday, November 19, 2012

Hopetoun Interiors

We went to Hopetoun Interiors yesterday.

It was exciting to see all the things you can choose. Luckily we are pretty happy with the standard items and won't be upgrading too many things.  Our head is spinning from the color selections though.  We're glad we like the Point Cook display's kitchen and bathroom cupboards so we'll probably just choose the same as the display for those items.

The hard part is choosing the exterior colours.  One problem with Hopetoun is that they don't provide paint chips in the colors for the windows, roofs, colorbond, and it's really hard to put the colors together b/c they're on a white background so you can't see what they look like right next to each other. So we went to Bunnings on the way home and got some Dulux color chips. We thought we liked Surfmist for the windows when we were at Hopetoun, now we're home and looking at the paint chip, we're not so keen on it and can't remember all the other colors on offer (and didn't take pics of them all).

We were thinking of Surfmist for the window frames, Camel Train for the render, Woodland Grey for the roof and gutters, and Paperbark for the facia and garage door.  Now we are unsure. Oh well, another trip back to Hopetoun and we'll record all the colours you can choose from for the windows and colorbond and then get the paint chips and go from there.

National Tiles weren't open yesterday so we'll have to go back anyway so we can choose our tiles.

Some Window Colours

Possible selection of render and window colour - Camel Train and Surfmist

Garage Door Style

Standard door knobs

Door knob upgrades - even one with remote!!!

Internal door knobs - standard

Hoping to have this door for Master bedroom, theatre, garage internal access, pantry and door to boys area

Caesar Stone Bench - Ice Snow - Standard

Tap upgrade to category 2

Standard basin

Rustic Coffee Timber Laminate Floor

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