Friday, November 30, 2012

Hopetoun Interiors ... again

We went to Hopetoun last weekend and got a list of the colours etc in the Drysdale in Point Cook.

Bench-top - Almond Rocca (category 2 I think) - we've chosen Osprey (category 1 - standard)
Cabinet Doors - Pumice
Overhead Doors - Oyster Linea Laminate
Glass Splashback - Starphire glass Hog Bristle 1/2 Strength

Vanity Bench and doors - Divine Oak Laminate


Chamois Matt - Brick Bond 300x600 (upgrade)

We went to National Tile on the weekend too, we chose Portifino FA01 Shell Matt Bianco Satin 400x400 (standard range) and will probably upgrade to the small mosaic tiles like in the display

Window colours currently available in the lifestyle range:
Ultra Sheer Gloss (grey)

Satin Black
Woodland Grey

So now we are trying to work out our exterior colours. I love Porters Paints Old Stone Wall, and hope to find something the same in Dulux for the render.

Thinking that we'll go with white windows and facia, and Windspray for the roof, garage door, gutters, etc

Tomorrow we're meeting again with our Sales Consultant to go over our quote.

Construction has started on our estate. Very excited to see trucks and diggers, gravel and pipes on the land (they are there, it just hard to see in the pic, I'll take my camera next time rather than the phone)


  1. HI Sandra
    Did you manage to find the external paint colour. Only just last night I found the blog for the House that A-M built and loved the colour choices there. We are also looking at white/surfmist windows. Still discussing light or dark coloured CB roof.

    1. Hi Deb,
      No we haven't found the colour. We've now decided to go with brick instead of hebel. We've chosen Boral's Jarrah for the brick. We are now going to go with classic cream/primrose for the windows, garage and fascia, and ironstone for the roof and guttering. We've yet to choose the render colour for the bit that gets rendered at the front of the house. Our colour selection appointment is in March, so it might all change again!