Saturday, May 24, 2014

handles and knobs

Hooray!!! We've finally finished putting the handles and knobs on the kitchen cupboard and drawers! BOO YAH!!!!

It looks soooo fabulous!

Probably my favourite drawer in the kitchen
BTW - we do have 'real' coffee - that's in the pantry next to our coffee maker ;)

We bought the handles from Arcus Design on ebay. We had originally bought handles from Ikea, but decided that we'd prefer a brushed finish rather than the shiny finish so we returned them. The Ikea ones also had a funny back which would have been tricky to attach to the drawers.  Really happy with how these have turned out!

Funny handle backs on the cup pulls that we first purchased from IKEA

Now to get some pendant lights. Just gotta decide which ones we want... the glass ones are about half the price but I really love the hamptons style light - it will also be easier to keep clean. Temple and Webster have the hamptons one on special right now, so we need to decide asap. Time for some sweet talking I think ;-)


  1. What a stunning kitchen you have. The handles are lovely. Both those pendants are great, either would work. I think the glass ones would suit the stye of your kitchen better. The metal ones look more "industrial" than "Hamptons" to me.

    1. Thanks! I'm rapt with how our kitchen has turned out. I think I agree with you about the glass ones ;)

  2. wowsers!!! that kitchen looks great!!!
    I hope I don't have a problem with the IKEA black handles we got :(
    Even though I have bought A-Ms lights I think if i did it over I would go for the glass. Either would look equally stunning in your kitchen though :)

  3. Hi Joh, Thanks! We are soooo happy with our kitchen!

    Hopefully your handles will be of a different design to the ones I bought. I've now put a picture in the blog post of the cup pulls we had bought. The backs are not flush and the screw bit was longer than the width of the drawers where we would attach them. I returned them to Ikea without a problem, I didn't have a receipt so they gave me a credit voucher and of course I was able to spend that on something else ;)