Monday, November 18, 2013

My Birthday

Next week I'll be turning 40, so to celebrate my last week of being in my 30s we went to Phillip Island for the weekend. We hired a holiday house and our family and friends came for a BBQ lunch on Sunday. After lunch we went to the beach, hired some wetsuits and surfboards and had some fun.

I am so pleased with how the party turned out and the way it looked. 

If you'd like the details on the decorations keep reading...

I created all of the chalkboard printable items (some of which are available at my little side business Mother Duck Said: "Let's Party!"). Mark did most of the baking (he really is a wonderful cook!)

Large Framed Signs - cheese, wine and dessert - I created these in Photoshop and they were printed at Officeworks and then we mounted them onto cardboard. We made frames out of balsa wood that we stained and cut to size then glued onto the board.

Picture Frames - were cheap white frames that I bought at the Reject Shop and spray painted silver.

Wine Charms - I bought the charms online and printed out the names and then glued them together with a glass thingie on the top.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic!! and happy birthday :) if I was creative I would steal all these ideas!!!

    1. lol - Thanks Claire! Pinterest was my inspiration ;-)

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  3. Happy birthday! The decorations (and food!) look fantastic!