Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's today! It's today!

Settlement happened today with out a hitch or any fan fare. Glad the wait is over. Now the next fun part can begin!

We received three bottles of French Champagne in the mail this week from friends in France - good timing! Lol - but we're not going to open them just yet, we'll save a bottle or two for *ahem* the significant birthday I'm having later in the year and we'll crack open the final bottle when we move in.


  1. YAY! wont be too long now. Looks like we are only one step ahead of you guys. Our site scrape was today, its huge! will be such a nice home once its done. DO you have a date for the site scrape etc?

    1. No, no date yet. :(

      We should hopefully have a date tomorrow. Fingers crossed anyway!