Monday, July 29, 2013


July. Only two more days left in July. Still no word on a date for settlement. Ho Hum.... So much for "June being the worst case scenario for settlement." So we continue to practice patience.

One fence is finished on our block and all the other fences in the estate have been done. Guessing that they will do the right side fence once they've landscaped the reserve. Will have to ask about that though - even though it might be nice not to have a fence on the reserve side - I still want one to keep our cute, little dog in and pesky, nosey children out.

They've put in the playground now. Not that you can see much from my photo - I didn't want to get out of the car to get closer and take a pic when the workers were there putting on the mulch. But it looks good. Our youngest will be happy to know they've got a spider web climbing rope/chain thingie - he likes them.

There's only four more blocks yet to be sold in the estate. They've gone up about 30K from what we paid, and they're smaller than our block. Gotta be happy about that!

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