Friday, May 24, 2013

Second guessing...

I'm so indecisive about some things.

After realising that most of the laundries I've pinned on my laundry pinterest board are white I changed our laundry cabinet to polar white (prob more to do with the fact that there would be no extra cost to have the shaker styled doors I coveted).

Then I got to thinking again (probably not a good idea) about how the kitchens I pin on my kitchen pinterest board are mainly white shaker kitchens. ARGHHHHH! Time to go back to the drawing board. Do I want parchment our original choice (which is a creamy white) or a polar white (white white) kitchen? GAHHH!!!!  I just can't decide. I tell myself to go with what we first chose, but I keep going back to it...

So there's only one thing to do - go back to Hopetoun tomorrow and talk to someone there about my kitchen colour choices.


  1. I love white kitchens too. When i spoke with our colour consultant he tried to talk me into parchment but i think white is so timeless and will go with just about everything so i went with the polar white so im hoping its the right choice - good luck with your choice - i have second guessed almost everything too!

    1. Thanks Skye - just looked at your blog again, we've chosen the same (if not very similar) feature tiles for the bathroom. Great Minds ;-)

      Quite exciting for you to be almost at starting stage! Wahoo for you!